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dragonfly & spyhawk spec labs

Year Awarded - 2022
 Client - Tocco Corporation
Location - Waltham, MA

Project Description:  This project consisted of the BIM model coordination and Power System Analysis Study of the new Electrical Systems scope of work for the 5TH FLR Tenant "Skyhawk" 23,000 SF spec lab renovation and the 5th and 6th FLR tenant "Dragonfly" 83,000 SF spec lab renovation.

Project Scope:  

Provided Short Circuit/ Coordination/Arc Flash hazard analysis report to meet project needs and facility insurance requirements, setting of Circuit breakers and Code required labeling of electrical equipment installed on the project.

The Construction Administration scope of work included 3D BIM coordination as well as modeling distribution, devices and lighting fixtures to a 400 level of detail (LOD) based on the project documentation and according to the need of the project team.


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