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Getting The Job Done!
Use our "4D  Engineering Value"
We help Save TIME and LABOR

We offer a unique "4D Engineering Value".

1) Engineered Drawings / Documentation

Our goal is to have our engineering done from a true team approach with the Owner, General Contractor, Electrician, and other trades.  We help meet project completion milestones by specifying equipment that will meet lead times on the job and make sure the proper life safety lighting and fire alarm equipment is working and arc flash labels are on the electrical switchgear and distribution.


2) Commissioning and Short Circuit Studies

to provide Commissioning and Short Circuit/ Coordination/Arc Flash hazard analysis report to meet project needs or facility insurance requirements, setting of Circuit breakers and Code required labeling of electrical equipment installed on the project.

3) BIM / VDC and Augmented Reality

If the Construction Administration requires 3D BIM coordination including modeling Switchgear, panels  generators, transformers, devices and lighting fixtures to a high level of detail (LOD). We offer the ability to meet this need and prepare documentation and modeling according to the need of the project team. We also offer on site virtual confirmation of 3D Modeled scope via our Augmented Reality XR10 HoloLenz.

4) Innovation -Scan to BIM, and Laser Layout 

With our own  X7 Scanner We can provide Scan to BIM models and documents in a timely manner. If you need laser layout our 3D modeling we embed coordinate points and link them to our RTS 773 Trimble Total Station Robot laser positioning system. Through our detailing software platforms, we are able to offer support to the Electricians working from the Engineered and Coordinated drawings. We get in the dirt on the job and we help the electrician utilize the latest tech available to do their job and save labor.

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