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Ansonia, CT


Integrated Design & Construction, LLC

Battlefield 1 is a new 144,000 square foot training facility, which, while open to the general public, its main purpose is to train police officers in shoot/no shoot situations using paintballs! The facility is 3 floors with a mezzanine. The basement level is populated with pickleball & squash courts, a pool, lounge, wellness/spa center and more. However, the ground floor, exterior, and up is where the excitement happens with 4 interior battlefields, 3 hero-themed experience arenas, retail spaces, lounges, and an observation deck looking out to the exterior paintball zones.

"For this project, ESE designed new/incoming utilities including primary/secondary electrical communication service provider empty pathways and site fire alarm interface. All new LED lighting systems were engineered/designed by our team as well as emergency/exit egress lighting and automatic lighting controls. Fire alarm systems were designed as addressable speaker/strobe voice evac. ESE also performed load calculations and design systems for mechanical system power, a new 2,500A,480V,3ph 4W electrical service, receptacles, power distribution, voice and data plaster ring/stub and string as well as conduit sleeves.

In addition, design documentation was provided to include roof-mounted PV systems as well as ten (10) total EV Car Charging Stations (5) tier II 50A-2P circuit breakers for Electric Vehicle charging station and (5) Tier III 100A-3P charging stations.

This project also included the electrical design of a 2,900 sq ft greenhouse."

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