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Project Description:  

Project Scope:  

Year Awarded:


Lincoln, NH


Eastern Services Electrical Contractors

A Short Circuit Study, Overcurrent Protective device coordination evaluation,
and Arch Flash Anaylsis of the new Electrical System for the Hampton Inn & Suites
in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

The short circuit study, coordination, and arc flash analysis was performed to determine the available short circuit fault current, the coordination of the circuit breakers, and the incident energy at each piece of equipment of all system components in the project.

The study includes normal power from the service entrance transformer to the main breaker, down through feeder circuit breakers on the 208-volt switchgear and distribution boards.

All Circuit Breakers, including branch circuit breakers, where evaluated and coordinated to identify proper settings to be incorporated in the field. Settings and coordination characteristics were identified on TCC Curves within the study. The study also included the generator standby electrical distribution 208-volt three phase system, from the generator mounted circuit breaker through the standby ATS, to the associated distribution boards in the building.

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