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Cambridge, MA


Tocco Corporation

ESE worked with Harvard University on the renovation of a 6,684 square foot residential building, originally built in 1856. This building was renovated to meet Passive House standards without altering its historic charm. 13 Kirkland Place is used for HU student housing and offers apartment-style living units. There are 4 total units each including a full kitchen, living room, 1-2 full bathrooms and ranges between 2 and 3 bedrooms per unit.

Renovations of this site included new designs by ESE for all new utilities (electrical, voice, fire alarm, and lighting). Internally, electrical systems designed included lighting, mechanical systems power, new electrical services, receptacles, power distribution, voice and data plaster ring/stub and string, conduit sleeves, and electrical load calculations. Exteriorly, ESE provided new site electrical work, communication pathways and site lighting. All lighting systems (interior and exterior) designed included new LED devices with associated branch wiring as well as emergency/egress lighting and lighting control systems. In addition, ESE created designs for all fire alarm systems throughout the building to be new addressable audio/visual devices.

This building was designed to comply with Passive House Standards as well as with codes defined under the 9th Edition of the Massachusetts Building Code and NEC/MEC 2020.

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