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Boston, MA


Winn Residential

Castle Square is a historic mixed-use building off Tremont Street in Boston’s South end. The building includes a ground level of retail with residential units above. The focus of this project in particular was an update of the electrical systems to the retail spaces on the ground floor.

ESE evaluated and designed the upgraded electrical services for retail units in this building from start to finish. The commercial tenant spaces at Castle Square are serviced from 5 main electric rooms which provide metered service to approximately 12 tenant services. The existing service equipment and distribution system utilize Federal Pacific Equipment that was at the end of useful life and needed to be replaced.

The progression of this job was completed in 3 phases. The first being a facility assessment identifying existing conditions, code violations, and recommended corrective actions. Secondly, ESE scanned the site’s main electric rooms and tenant service spaces to provide as built existing conditions and construction drawings. Lastly, our team worked with the owner and contractors during construction through processing shop drawings, site visits during construction, and final inspections once construction was complete.

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